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The Ultimate Partnership

Every B2B business has clients that need someone reliable, affordable and skilled to handle their web development needs.  We understand that for service providers who aren't in this space day in and day out, this can be a daunting task to try to navigate.

That is why we are offering this exclusive partnership opportunity to qualified agencies and B2B service providers where we will handle all of your client's web design needs without them ever knowing it wasn't your company that did the work.

Backed by our parent company Synergist Media and it's vast team of experienced developers & designers, we know how to take care of everything from start to finish so that you don't have to.

We build it, you brand it.  Everybody wins.

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Simple & Straight Forward Pricing

Every web design job we handle for you gets billed at $30 per hour USD.  We collect the project information assemble a quote based on expected hours and stick to it.*  That allows you to resell our services for anywhere between $50-$120 per hour.  Simple, worry-free and profitable.

To Host Or Not To Host

Hosting and maintaining a client's website can be a very profitable undertaking.  We have options for our authorized partners to setup the hosting and maintenance infrastructure for you and by you for an additional monthly fee.

If you want us to manage hosting and maintenance for you, we charge a straight forward reduced monthly fee on a client by client basis which allows you to brand and resell the hosting services as your own without having any of the headaches.  This creates an additional source of monthly cashflow without any of the potential technical headaches or overhead.

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Our Process From Start To Finish


Get client project specifications via our comprehensive questionnaire


Submit project details to us and we’ll produce a quote within 24-48 hours with expected time of completion


Submit your branded quote to client with your pricing, get approval, secure deposit (to cover our costs)


We complete mockups and provide you with design updates for approval until completion


We migrate the complete design to your hosting servers or your clients


You collect final remaining payment directly from your client

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Synergist Media is a well established web design and digital media company that has been in operation since 2011 with clients all over North America.


Yes there is.  We charge a monthly account management fee of $199 USD per month upon acceptance into our partnership program.

As long as we have all the information required to provide an accurate quote, we never invoice for more than we've quoted for.  The only time we invoice for more than the initial estimate is when the client has requested additional design work beyond the initial quote.  At that time, we always advise partners to get an updated quote with the revisions accounted for and to communicate accordingly with the client.

We do the vast majority of our sites on WordPress but we can accommodate almost anything.  Please let us know if you have any CMS specific requests.

We offer a few different options; Hybrid and Enterprise

Our Hybrid Hosting means that we will setup the hosting server and look after the overall maintenance and management of the hosting service.  If problems arise that are specific to a client's website, your company will be responsible for incurring the related costs of $30 per hour USD for trouble-shooting and support.  We will onboard you and your team with detailed instructions on using agency friendly 3rd party platforms for monitoring and maintaining your client sites (ie. WordPress websites require regular framework, theme and plugin updates)  Our Hybrid Hosting service starts at $50 per month with a $199 setup.

Our Enterprise Hosting means we look after everything.  We run all of our systems to ensure 24/7 uptime and security monitoring and issue resolution to ensure your client's sites are up and running perfectly 99.99% of the time.  The cost for this starts at $25/month per site but is a service which businesses routinely pay $50+ per month for.  You would invoice your clients directly at whatever rate you agree upon thus creating an additional source of revenue for your business.

We highly recommend, Amazon, Google Cloud & Vultr.  There are many great hosting providers out there but these are the ones we're experienced with the most and stand behind 100%.

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