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Promote & Get Paid

Use your influence to make you money and provide significant value to your audience in return.  

As a member of our influencer team, you can promote our web design services and get paid a substantial commission simply by referring business to us.  You spread the message, your followers come to us through your own custom sales page where all leads are directly and digitally attributed to you.  When the lead converts, we keep a predetermined amount based on the hours of the project and you keep the difference.  Scroll down to see an example.

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How It Works


We create a custom lead capture page with your branding/images along with the details of the special prizing offer and a lead capture form that informs you of every quote request submitted.


We collaborate on a platform appropriate post where we will offer a discounted offer to your followers.


You post the offer to your designated social channels with the call to action driving traffic to your own sales page.


Your lead submits a quote request through your sales page that gives us an outline of their web design project.


We communicate directly with them to establish all the details related to the project.  If approved by the client, we complete the project and invoice accordingly.


You get paid.

Depending on the agreed upon offer made to your followers, we invoice and keep a predetermined hourly rate and pay you the rest. 

An Example Breakdown Of Payment:

For example, if we offer to build their website for a discounted rate of 50% off ($45 per hour Vs. $90), once the job is complete and we get paid, we keep $25 per hour and pay you the difference ($20 per hour)

If the final project took us 20 hours to complete, the final invoice before taxes would be $900.  We keep $500 (20 hours x $25 per hour) and we pay you $400 (20 hours x $20 per hour).

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Synergist Media is a well established web design and digital media company that has been in operation since 2011 with clients all over North America.

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